Know About Esports Betting Bonuses to Use Them Smartly and Win

Different sources tell you about an opportunity to start your betting journey by using an esports betting bonus. This sounds especially attractive for beginners who hesitate to spend their own money on a niche they are not experienced in. However, there is also a chance to be trapped. So, be sure to learn more about bonuses to make a balanced decision when choosing their provider. And in this article, you’ll find the most important information to know. First things first, let’s delve into general classification.

Esports Bonus Types: How You Can Get Them

Esports Bonus Types How You Can Get Them

Advertising of betting websites, as well as the platforms themselves, claims to give users free bets. But, are they always free in reality? Remember that mostly, the companies are not interested in providing valuable presents that can influence their income. That is why pay attention to the associated rules and conditions. This will help you avoid any disappointments and misunderstandings but make the most from the bonuses you are given.

Even if you have some betting background, it won’t hurt to become aware of what the industry has when it comes to bonuses. Moreover, if you are a novice, reading the next several paragraphs is a must. With this info, you’ll be ready to bet on LoL or CS:GS with no troubles and feel confident. So, get acquainted with some of the most popular ways to obtain esports betting bonuses:

Free Sign Up BonusesSome companies offer welcome bonuses to new users. However, since these are given for nothing, the sums are not very big.
Free Promo Code BonusesIn addition to the above, there are companies that give bonuses for those who use certain promo codes found on the websites or ads.
Deposit bonuses for new customersThis is one of the most widely used forms of bonuses. In this case, you get some money after signing up and topping up your deposit. Most often, the bonus equals 100% of the deposit but sometimes, it can even be 200%. Thus, you can get an extra $10 or up to $20 for your first payment of $10.
Losing bet refundSome betting platforms allow their customers to get their money back in case the bet is not successful. This bonus can be used once or several times depending on the conditions. More about probable rules will be written further in the article.
Referral program BonusesThis option means getting bonuses if your friend registers on the betting site using a specific link provided by you.
Bonuses for downloading an appSince many platforms create their mobile applications and need the audience to download them, there are bonuses given to those who install and use such apps.
Time-limited bonusesThis option is mostly known to take place during tournaments or other events. Once the period finishes, the bonuses can’t be used.

Best Sites That Promote Esports Betting Bonuses

Best Sites That Promote Esports Betting Bonuses

In a variety of websites offering esports betting, it may be difficult for you to choose the best one. Still, there are only three crucial points to weigh here. First, check the reviews to know if the platform is dependable, second, find out the games available for betting, and third, define if the given bonuses are enough to at least make the first try.

To better understand the market, take a look at some globally favored examples that meet all the three criteria mentioned above. These are credible betting sites trusted by thousands of customers where you can acquire great bonuses for esports bets:

  • GG.Bet — gives a chance to get a no deposit bonus of $5 just for signing up. Of course, you can also acquire way bigger ones by topping up a deposit. In this case, the bonus is 100% of the sum but not more than $200.
  • Unikrn — allows one to taste big money as it offers 200% deposit bonuses, and the sum can reach $300.
  • Parimatch — provides bonuses to those taking part in the loyalty program. However, there are specific rules of using them that should be taken into account.
  • Betway — grants users up to $30 free bets.
  • Luckbox — offers 100% deposit bonuses for the sum that is not more than $100.

There are many other platforms providing profitable offerings, especially for new clients. However, it is wise to choose an esports wetten bonus from trusted websites. And regardless of which one you choose, ensure you know how to use the treasure you get and don’t lose it because of being inattentive. This topic is covered below.

Things to Consider When Selecting Bonuses That Esports Betting Offers

Things to Consider When Selecting Bonuses

Giving bonuses is one of the most famed ways of esports betting promotion. Still, as was already mentioned, the customers need to learn how these can be utilized right. Thus, take into consideration the following criteria:

The form of the bonus

In case you want to get some bonuses with an aim to transform them into cash, you need to learn more about the chosen program first. Some bonuses given for successful bets can only be used for betting on the website. Often, there is even another account for them. However, the money you win by using bonuses can be withdrawn.

The expiration date

Even if you have obtained a bonus that is given to every user with no specific terms, it still might have certain time limits to be used. Check this term so as not to lose the money you have had some plans on.

The available odds

One more criterion to consider is the value of the odds you can bet with your bonuses. Sometimes, only certain odds are available for such moves. Check if such bets are really what you want or you’d rather wait for other conditions to spend them.

The suited esports and betting types

Apart from the odds’ value, the types of esports are always important for some platforms that offer bonuses. For example, you’ll be allowed to use a bonus on LoL only or make a certain type of bet (correct score, match winner, over/under bets, etc.).

Wagering requirements

Check the wagering requirement related to your bonus. For example, if it looks like $20 10x, you will only be allowed to withdraw money after placing bets equal to $200. Also, there is another type of such a requirement, which is the maximum available sum. Thus, if this is $100, this is the only sum you can get even if you win $300.


Now, you know the essential principles of betting with esports bonuses and understand which hurdles may appear on your way. But, you might still have some questions unanswered, and most probably, these are:

Where to find the information about available bonuses?
First, the info about current bonuses is always provided by your chosen betting website. Also, you can read the latest esports betting news, where all the offerings are gathered together. In case the platform decides to promote some bonuses dedicated to an event, you will likely get a notification if you are signed up on the site.
How to choose the best option?
The answer highly depends on what the best kind of bonus is for you. Just search for enough information about a number of esports betting websites and their bonus promotions. Then, compare the variants considering the most important criteria like the sum, the wagering requirement, etc. The best one is easy to find then!
Are there any risks?
If you use a tried and tested platform, you will have no risks when using their bonuses, especially if these are given for free and are not dependent on your deposit.
Can I acquire welcoming bonuses twice by creating another account?
In a majority of cases, the users are connected to their IPs, and the website’s system will not allow you to do so. Note that this can be considered to be a violation and lead to blocking an initial account. You want the betting platform to be trusted and this is what the platform awaits in return.
Can I bet using several bonuses at a time?
This depends on the rules of your preferred betting website, so don’t hesitate to ask the support team about it.
9 Aug 2021, 8:28 am

Daniel Mayer

Congratulations! You are ready to make a couple of risk-free bets due to esports betting bonuses. Invest some time into research, sign up on the selected site, read attentively all the terms, and use the bonuses with no hassles! This will make your experience more relaxed and pleasant and know more about what esports betting offers to you.