Esports Live Streaming

Nowadays we’re witnessing the blossom of esports live streaming which is a branch of sports activity that requires skill and is highly entertaining.

There are two sides to this aspect, the players who participate in the competitions and the observers who can not only take pleasure in watching esports streams but also place bets. To succeed, both players and observers need to learn the game logic and practice by trying different strategies.

Esports Live Streaming Online 2021

Esports Live Streaming Online 2021

As many of us know, esports live streaming is a relatively fresh entertainment branch since the first streams started only in 2011. However, it develops rather quickly, and in 2021, the quality of live streaming  keeps evolving.

The global market of esports activities is estimated at more than a billion US dollars and is predicted to raise up to $1,6 billion in just several years.

The channels for esports streams first grew from the Twitch platform and now there are many more including a vast space of YouTube.

Some gaming teams can even have their original streaming services. Others stream on Dailymotion or Esports live broadcasting includes the most popular games:

  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • Halo
  • Fortnite
  • Starcraft
  • LoL
  • apex-legends
  • call-of-duty
  • clash-of-clans
  • clash-royale
  • cs-go
  • dota
  • fifa
  • fortnite
  • hearthstone
  • lol
  • overwatch
  • pubg
  • rainbow-six
  • rocket-league
  • smite
  • starcraft
  • valorant
  • warcraft

Many other hit games are streamed regularly and they keep their rates on point for many years.

Bookies With Live Streaming

Bookies With Live Streaming

In case a person is not exactly into playing electronic games but favors watching them, esports live streaming might help to earn good money with this knowledge through betting.

Bookies services often provide the streaming options for their clients but they vary from one site to another. Usually, punters are offered to watch and bet on current matches and tournaments. Also, they are often provided with previous esports stream recordings. This way, both newbies and professionals can analyze and compare the results to make their wagering more successful.

It’s necessary for a bettor to be able to watch the match and manage their bets simultaneously. Therefore, bookmaking platforms allow users to do that with split-screen, without additional devices or plug-in extra screens.

In the table below, we list the best bookmaking websites for esports live betting famous for their great beneficial promotions and high streaming quality.

Bookmaking Service with Esports Live StreamingBonus Offer / Benefit
Betway€30 welcome bonus as a free bet
Betsson€75 deposit with wager €150
William Hill£10 deposit with £30 free bonus
888 sport£30 free bets for wagering £10
Sportingbet€10 free bet
GGBet150% bonus upon signing up
Bwin100% bonus for up to €100
Bet365Live streams
NitrogenCan be used without a personal account

Although all the mentioned bookies provide high-quality live streaming, you need a proper Internet connection.



This platform has started the whole process of esports streams as such and still holds its position as one of the most prominent services. You don’t need to log in or pay for watching events on Twitch which opens its doors to any type of watcher.

Some of the most popular streamers have gotten their name famous due to using this platform. Esports stars still use Twitch to do monthly broadcasts to more than 100 million viewers. Esports live streaming comprises a great section of all the channels. For example, only Dota 2 attracts about 70K viewers each month.

Let’s take another popular game on Twitch – the League of Legends. It attracts 218K viewers per month with a constant increase.

Furthermore, Twitch is exclusively streaming all the Blizzard events in esports, including Overwatch with a current number of viewers estimated at 17K. The biggest tournaments of the Overwatch League such as The International usually take place here. The platform’s esports streams quality reaches the maximum possible bitrate speed which is 6K kbps (Kilobits Per Second).All the esports live games, including the mentioned above, provide many opportunities for bettors’ to get rich. Therefore, it might be a good idea to learn more gameplay from the previous tournaments and figure out how to bet successfully.

YouTube Live Gaming

YouTube Live Gaming

If you’re willing to get to know the world of esports live streaming, YouTube is the place to go. Well-known gamers broadcast the process of their play and attract millions of viewers daily. Moreover, people can also re-watch recordings of their streams later. Besides, YouTube offers many videos with tips on how to bet on esports the right way, with every aspect covered.

On YouTube, you can easily look for any tournaments of any games of your interest. Similar to Twitch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is broadcasted on YouTube channels to millions of watchers.The platform even has officially sponsored channels that offer esports live and some of them are Rainbow Six Pro League, Major League Gaming, and ESL Counter-Strike.

The professional competitive events are streamed completely for free on YouTube. Anyone is able to find the tournament of their interest by simply typing its title in the search bar. Other than that you can find casual streams of gameplay among friends who simply have fun doing it.

The quality of YouTube videos has been improving over time and now streams are broadcasted at 1080p resolution. However, keep in mind that you can manually switch the resolution to 480p. YouTube is also optimized for watching videos from mobile devices.

Dailymotion Games

Dailymotion Games

Gamers always keep an eye on what’s fresh and has a potential for further expansion. Successful gamers never hesitate to try out new things. Both esports professionals and regular players have recently started to use Dailymotion Games for esports streams.

It is extremely convenient for smaller teams who regularly stream gaming content. Overall, Dailymotion Games is a promising place for novice players to get into the professional esports world.In addition, it welcomes such tournaments as ASUS ROG and Electronic Sports World Cup. is a former Hitbox company merged with Azubu service which provides extremely fast esports live streaming. It is totally dedicated to egaming, unlike such platforms as YouTube which has content for all aspects of living.

Many streamers claim it to be the best variable to Twitch as well as the YouTube gaming sector due to the high-speed factor. The site offers many tools to engage viewers as well as broad possibilities to manage the videos and subscribers. This service operates as a facility that goes hand in hand with partners on streaming marketing and esports tournaments.Despite the company’s smaller size, it is one of the most prominent places for esports streams due to the broadcasting speed.


Where to Bet On Live-Streamed Esports?
You’re free to use the best bookies with HQ broadcasting and beneficial promotions which are enlisted in this article. They have been all reviewed as the best sites globally for betting on esports live events.
Can You Watch Live Streams at a Betting Site Without Wagering?
This aspect differs from one website to another. Thus multiple websites have wagering for esports as a requirement. Some of them might ask for a little bet just to get access to the stream. Others may ask you to top-up your account’s balance to watch the streams. Some platforms can offer this type of feature for free as the broadcasting itself can be watched on Twitch or YouTube. Be sure to get familiarized with the terms and conditions for exact data.
What Do You Need for Live Streaming?
Live streaming, if desired in good quality and uninterrupted motion, requires a device, for example, a phone, a tablet, or a laptop, and a good Internet connection of 512 Kbps at minimum. For laptop operating systems XP or Windows 2000, those requirements should also be sufficient. Any newer system will undoubtedly cover esports live streaming properly. The smartphones produced within the last year or two will be a sufficiently matching device as well.
What Esports Matches Can I Expect to Be Streamed?
This depends on the legal situation. If a TV channel has bought League broadcasting rights, it cannot be streamed on the bookmaking service. However, the major events which are often shown on Twitch live for free are present on the bookie’s sites
How Live Streaming on Betting Sites Works?
When you’re logged into the wagering service you can opt for watching esports streams. Some websites allocate the feature of split-screen where on one side you have space for managing your bets and on the other, you can keep an eye on the ongoing event. Many of them also set a live chat at the same screen for bettors to be able to communicate while watching a tournament or a match.