A Newbie’s Guide to League of Legends

If you are new to the strategic battle games that require teaming up, assassinating, and winning victory, then get your seat belt on. If you are wondering which game to start with, the League of Legends is a good call. To get things started, let’s begin from the beginning. 

What is League of Legends

It is an online strategic battle game where you have to form teams to lead your path to victory. League of Legends is Valve’s creation that is also known as MOBA in the gaming world. It is one of the smash hits of the online gaming world that has revolutionized it since the day of its release and is currently a super-popular game with the players. 

In this game, there are ten players who are divided into two teams. They fight each other and the other obstacles to rise to victory on a map that is called ”Summoner’s Rift.” Each of the players is assigned a playable character. These characters are called ”Summoner.”

What to Do for Winning in LOL? 

The main target of your team would be to destroy your opponent’s base. It is much like an actual army fight, but in the virtual world, and also, the costumes are way more amazing. 

But things in LOL aren’t as easy as they sound. You will have to pass through several levels to gain strength. You will have to gain experience and buy items that will make you stronger and capable of shielding an enemy’s attack. If you start the game and try heading off to the enemy’s camp for destroying it, you would certainly die. Because, at the start of the game, you aren’t strong enough. Both your attack and defense are weak. Hence it is advisable to wait till you level up a couple of times. 

Basics About the Summoner’s Rift

Summoner’s rift is the actual map of League of Legends. It is where all the actions are taking place. There are two teams— team Red and Team Blue. 

League of Legends two teams — Red and Blue.

The position of team red in the top right corner and team blue is located in the bottom left corner of the map. There are also three lanes on the Summoner’s Rift. These lanes are the top lane, the middle lane, and the bot lane. 

Minions, Turrets & Inhibitors

Through the game, the nexus will give rise to minions. These will favor your team by attacking the opponent champions  automatically the minute they spot them. 

Turrets are structures that attack enemies on spotting them. Destroying turrets will reward the champions with gold. The turrets have about five plates. Each of these plates has a health of 1000. Even if you can manage to destroy a couple of plates, you get rewarded. 

Inhibitors are actually another set of structures that are right behind the turrets. Its job is to block the entry of enemy minion in the respective lanes. An inhibitor has a health of 4000 and isn’t easy to destroy. 


This is the spot on the map where the game begins. At any time in the game, you are able to go right back to the fountain in order to heal, or in case you want to purchase an item. You will also go back to the fountain if you die in the game so that you can come back to life in League of Legends.