Aleksib became a Ninjas in Pyjamas player

Finnish eSportsman Aleksib Virolainen has joined the Ninjas in Pyjamas CS:GO, squad. This was announced by club representatives on Twitter.

Aleksib will replace Nicholas Plopski Gonzalez Zamora on the main roster. Management announced that Virolainen would become team captain, and the entire roster would switch to communicating in English. 

Aleksib’s previous team was G2 Esports. On August 16, he left the team, and the new team leader became Rasmus HooXi Nielsen. Plopski moved to Ninjas in Pyjamas in the summer of 2019. With him, the team made the playoffs of the last two majors but lost both times in the quarterfinals.

  • Fredrik REZ Sterner;
  • Patrick es3tag Hansen;
  • Hampus hampus Poser;
  • Ludwig Brollan Brolin;
  • Alexi Aleksib Virolainen.