Astralis has assembled a women’s CS:GO squad

Cybersports organization Astralis has signed a women’s CS:GO roster. The roster was unveiled on the club’s official website. Astralis CEO Anders Horsholt spoke about the opening of the women’s division.

Anders Horsholt:

CEO of Astralis

“We’ve been working on the idea of a women’s Counter-Strike team for a long time, and we’ve been in a dialog with ESL from the very beginning to support the development of the best international women’s league possible. <…>

We see the influence of our Brazilian FIFA Teca squad member as an ambassador for women’s eSports in her home country, and [we understand] that representation is very important for a positive change in that direction. Now we want to do everything we can with our name and brand in Counter-Strike.

Through our investment in the team and communication, we can help make a difference. Together with the new league and other organizations, we can make women’s CS even more interesting to fans and brands, thus making it a successful business. That in itself will create an even healthier ecosystem that will ultimately benefit everyone.

The Astralis women’s roster will compete in the European division of ESL Impact’s second season, as the team qualified for the championship through open qualifiers. The tournament will feature eight teams competing for $9 000 and a ticket to the $123 000 International Final on November 2022 on LAN Jönköping, Sweden.”

  • Astralis roster:
  • Rachel RacheLL Kujawa;
  • Celine spike Alak;
  • Joana Joanana Vlaikova;
  • Aurora aurora Ljungdal;
  • Cassandra kezziwow Heija (captain);
  • Rafael FeldmaN Rodriguez (coach).