Diablo Immortal brought in $100m for a publisher in eight weeks

Diablo Immortal brought in more than $100 million in player spending in its first eight weeks of release, according to analytics agency Sensor Tower.

Diablo Immortal is second on the list of mobile games that have been the fastest to hit the $100 million mark in user spend. The first place is still held by Pokemon GO, which managed to do it in a two-week period. Third place went to Fire Emblem Heroes (10 weeks), fourth to Fortnite (12 weeks), and fifth to Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (22 weeks).

The release of Diablo Immortal took place at the beginning of June. During the month, users of the mobile version spent $ 49 million on the game. At the same time the title was criticized for its aggressive monetization system – according to users’ calculations, the maximum leveling of the character can require more than $ 540 thousand.