Doom: Eternal (2020) Overview

Set after the events of DOOM (2016) in the year 2149, Doom: Eternal is the fifth installment in classic Doom Series from legendary director Hugo Martin. The story here revolves around the ancient warrior Doomslayer apart from Doom 2016 where the player’s role as an unnamed space marine. The plot reveals that in present time the earth has been overrun by demonic forces controlled by ” Three Priests of Hell” who serves angelic being who belongs to an ancient alien race named Maykr and this is their queen Khan Maykr who wants to rule and kill the population on earth with the help of corrupted Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). 

The surviving mankind either ran away or have joined the Armored Response Coalition. And earth’s resistance has been hiding due to heavy loss suffered in response to stop the invasion. The Doomslayer betrayed by Dr. Samuel Hayden returns to the earth with the help of a fortress satellite controlled by A.I VEGA. And put an end to the demonic invasion by killing the priest as he kills one of the priests, the Khan Maykr hides the other two priests to the unknown places, setting doom slayer on an adventure to find these priests and killing them. In his quest to find priests, Doomslayer is helped by VEGA. 

VEGA guides him to find the priests. He finds a second priest hiding in the Arctic; he kills him due to this Khan Maykr becomes so furious and sets aggressive invasion on earth and hides the third priest to a place known to none. VEGA suggests him to go on Mars and find Dr. Samuel Hayden’s exoskeleton through which Slayer finds the hidden place of the third priest which is sentinel’s land Slayer finds priest in Sentinel Arena and kills him after that he is teleported to the fortress. 

As Doomslayer’s search continues he finds more hidden agendas and dark truths of his past. He’s been granted superhuman strength and ability by rogue Maykr Seraphim. And the ruthless intentions of Khan Maykr to resurrect the world eating super-demon the “Icon of Sin” to consume mankind in return the Khan Maykr receives Argent Energy from Hell which assures the survival of their own dimension Urdak. Doomslayer learns that only Betrayers (who is sentinel ) dagger can kill Icon so he retrieves the dagger and through the portal from hell lands on Urdak where he halts the mankind consuming ceremony by piercing dagger through Icon’s heart.

Due to this Maykr’s control on Icon is lost and Icon is set free. Icon teleports to the earth destroying dimension barrier due to which demons invade Urdak and start destroying it. Before returning to the earth Slayer kills Khan Maykr and on Earth kills Icon Of Sin by stabbing a dagger in his head and putting an end to the invasion of hell.


Doom: Eternal (2020) gameplay.

The game is hanged out from First Person’s Perspective with iconic doom firearms such as super shotgun, rocket launcher, BFG 9000, Plasma rifle, ballista, etc, and special melee weapons such as Chainsaw, crucible blade, and iconic Doomblade. With standard gameplay and graphics this game is worth to be played.