DRX won the 2022 World Championship

DRX defeated T1 in the final match of the playoffs of the 2022 World Championship on League of Legends. The meeting ended with a 3:2 score. The team earned more than $480 000, and DRX’s topliner of the final match was DRX top player Hwang Kingen Son-Hoon.

On his way to the finals, Hwang rostered first place in Group B of the Play-In stage and was also the Group Stage C quartet leader, beating Rogue in a tiebreaker. DRX knocked off Edward Gaming, winner of the 2021 World Championship, in the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

The 2022 World Championship took place from September 29 to November 5 at four different locations – San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City and Mexico City. Twenty-four teams raffled off $2.25 million.