EHOME has left the Dota 2 competitive scene

The cybersports organization EHOME has announced that it will no longer be represented by a Dota 2 roster. The announcement was published on the Chinese club’s Weibo page.

EHOME representatives apologized to fans for the tag ending its journey in the discipline scandal: on March 9, members of the roster received a ban for foul play, and the club lost a slot on the DPC. At the same time, the organization stressed that it respects and accepts the decision of Perfect World and Valve.

In a statement, club representatives also said that this end to the history of EHOME in Dota 2 happened because they previously failed to defend the rights to the team’s slot. According to them, EHOME’s DPC slot was sold to Unity Gaming in 2022 due to financial problems, but the new owners continued to use the EHOME tag because Perfect World refused to change the team ID in the system, and various collectibles were tied to it. To protect players’ virtual items, the club made concessions to Unity Gaming.

EHOME has been performing on the professional Dota 2 scene since the game’s release. The club’s roster was a silver medalist at first The International, as well as a number of other major tournaments.