Evil Geniuses disbanded their Dota 2 roster

eSports club Evil Geniuses has announced that it has disbanded its Dota 2 roster. As the organization’s CEO Nicole Lapointe Jameson noted in an official statement on Twitter, EG has no plans to leave the discipline – the team will assemble a new roster.

The Evil Geniuses roster has all players left, as well as Caniska coach Sam BuLba Sosale. Speaking about the future of the Dota 2 division, the head of the organization mentioned South America as a region with great potential. The club is rumored to sign former Thunder Awaken members.

Evil Geniuses’ roster, ranked 9-12 at The International 2022, was formed in May 2022 with the addition of captain Tal Fly Isaac to the team. Meanwhile, curry Artur Arteezy Babaev and backup Andreas Frank Cr1t- Nielsen have represented the club since September 2016. Where the players will continue their careers is unknown. Rumor has it that offliner Egor Nightfall Grigorenko plans to assemble a team together with former Virtus.pro member Vitaly Save- Melnik.