Free Fire: Three Top characters to use in the game while playing

We consider the 3 of the best characters anyone can use in Garena Free Fire. Gameplay will turn more exciting as the characters are so unique. 

The popularity of Garena Free Fire lies in the heart of characters – wide range available. Each character available at Garena Free Fire carries a unique passive ability. Each of the abilities of the characters has been designed in such a manner that it provides an upper hand to the character during matches.  

Initially, the characters do not possess any ability that can have severe impacts on a match. But, now they have those particular qualities that can make players win victories in their games.

By the various options, the players are now enjoying at their disposal, it can turn difficult to opt for a character that fits better at a particular playing style. On such a clear note, let us consider the 3 of the top characters players can use in Garena Free Fire. 

3 Best Characters in Garena Free Fire 

#1 A124

A124 in Garena Free Fire game.
  • The introduction of character: The character A124 is a robot equipped with modern technology. It is a female character and has two states of mind. One is normal mode and the other is battle mode.
  • Special Ability of the Character: It converts part of the EP into HP, ‘Thrill of Battle’. 

A124 is capable of gaining health in the very crunchy states. She is capable of rapidly turning a part of Energy Power (EP) into a health gain. Usually, Energy Power requires some time to refill but if you are playing the game with A124, they work for you medkits. As you step up her ability, it’s cooldown decreases to one minute (60 seconds) and it can change 50 Energy Power to instant health. 

#2 Shimada Hayato

Shimada Hayato in Free Fire game.
  • The introduction of the character: The character is known as Shimada Hayato. It is a kid belonging to a legendary Samurai family. To be only a child means that the kid requires to carry on the family tradition. Though, the young samurai contains a secret nobody else can learn. For the sake of this secret, he can surely give up his life.
  • The special ability of the character: It is ‘Bushido’. When the HP is low, armour penetration becomes higher.

The character Hayato plays a significant role in lengthy extended fights in Fight Free Fire. If he gets injured, he ten gains a lot of armour penetration. It usually comes in clutch during the matches. Generally, Hayato is a character who offers a crazy amount of long-lasting bursts. If you require a character that can go well in one-on-one situations, then your search ends at Hayato.  

#3 Laura

Laura in Garena Free Fire game.
  • The introduction of the character: The name of the character is Laura. She is an exceptional unique agent. She has been a proficient shooter ever since Laura was a youngster. She desires to carry justice to the world.
  • The special ability of the character: She is a sharpshooter. While scoping in, the accuracy increases more.

Laura is a better choice if you are into the long scoped-in battles in Free Fire. When you level up her ability, you can gain up to a 30% increase.