How Covid-19 Provided Esports Growth in India

Founder and CEO of EWar Games, Parth Chadha shared his opinion about how Covid-19 influenced Indian esports industry growth. He also determined some reasons for esports popularity during the pandemic.

Covid-19 brought many challenging influences to almost every sort of industry of the country. At the same time pandemic became an unstoppable force for others. One of these is the esports industry, which has got the breath of fresh air in India.

We could see the rise of multiplayer games and esports over the last years. PUBG Mobile has brought large popularity with tournaments and new skilled players in the region lately. It has returned as Battlegrounds Mobile India with new events after PUBG Mobile was banned in India. 

Most physical esports tournaments were canceled at the beginning of the Covid-19. Compared to other sports disciplines, the esports industry quickly moved to an only-online format. At the same time, tournaments’ prize pools and popularity continued growing. Covid-19 undoubtedly has aided in a major way the Indian esports industry to reach its peak potential

Even after the growth of industry and upcoming greater tournaments in India, there remains a huge scope and opportunity for another breakthrough of popularity. “Given we focus and work consistently on the above-mentioned areas for the betterment and sustainable growth of India’s esports sector, the day may not be far when esports athletes in India shall be able to compete with our cricketers and other physical sports’ players,” Chadha said.