How to reach 100 RP in PUBG mobile for free

There is no need to tell people what PUBG is, everyone knows this online multiplayer gaming phenomenon. PUBG Mobile is one of the leading games available for mobiles, having over 100 million downloads. It provides one of the most intense and scientifically accurate actions to its players.

The number of the players isn’t the only challenge in the game, you also have to rank up in the seasonal Royale Pass or RP. The Royale Pass is refreshed every season and you can rank up to receive amazing rewards. The RP offers us two choices: The Free Pass and the Elite Pass. While the Elite pass offers premium rewards, both of the passes need you to collect RP points and rank up.

For those players who do not have the Elite Pass and still want to achieve the rank of 100 RP in PUBG Mobile, here are some things that they can do to get free hundred RP in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on mobile:

  • Daily Missions: You can check out the Daily Missions in the RP section. There are 4 daily missions that can provide you up to 30 RP points, and they refresh every 72 hours. The daily login is a part of daily missions and gives you 10 RP points, and you can earn up to 90 more points by completing the daily missions. Therefore completing daily missions will take you closer to the 100 RP mark.
  • Challenge Missions: Fourteen Challenge Missions are provided in the PUBG Mobile every week, which do not expire throughout the season. The weekly challenge missions are harder but they reward you more handsomely. You can earn up to 125 points from each of these. So, completing challenge missions will help you to reach 100 RP.
  • RP Mission cards: Royale Pass mission cards can come to your aid when you are in a pinch. They can help you with the extremely difficult missions which stop your progress. These cards can be obtained on completing some RP levels or they can be bought from the BP shop. But you need to be a prime member to purchase them. 5 mission cards per week at the cost of 5,000 BP each can surely help you to reach the 100 RP rank.
  • Rewards: Besides the missions and mission cards, the game also gives away a lot of rewards. For completing all weekly challenge missions, you get 200 RP. Also, each time you complete an RP level, you receive awards like RP cards, gold coins, silver fragments, emotes, skins, etc.

If you are consistent then you can earn a total of 13,000 RP points throughout the season for completing all challenges. This will be a huge help in making it to the free 100 RP.

PUBG Mobile may be just a game for fun, but you can always try to be the best in everything. There are ways to reach the top even without spending money. All you need to do is to keep playing and enjoying the game.