Hydra has signed a CS:GO roster

The eSports organization Hydra has assembled the CS:GO roster. Members of the team were introduced to the club’s social networks.

The roster includes players for well-known performances for AVANGAR Ermek enzero Kartanbaev and Timofey fozil Komkov, and former members of Team Spirit Academy Vladislav H4SAN4TOR Tuchin. Apart from them, the team will be represented by Georgy Vert Kinzyagulov and Vladislav leri511 Drykha.

Hydra is a company that owns a network of computer clubs in Kyrgyzstan. Apart from the CS:GO team, the organization has a Dota 2 roster.

Earlier renewed roster for CS:GO was presented by K23. The team was joined by players Rasim Jyo Valiev, Artem iDISBALANCE Egorov, and Sanzhar def1zer Talgatov, as well as coach Pavel PASHANOJ Legostaev.