Indian Esports Needs Government Regulations

Last few years, The Indian esports industry showed exciting growth. That has brought some new challenges for the Indian government to deal with. These challenges include cyberbullying, news ways of fraud, and creating standards for tournaments.

Esports shows a huge scope and opportunity of reaching higher borders as the industry grows bigger. The popularity and a large number of new talented players have brought significant investments in the esports industry. The aggregate value of esports start-ups in India reached $68 million in the Financial Year 2020. According to some estimates, the industry is expected to grow by a CAGR of 36% in the next three years.

The esports industry requires actions from the government or some unexpected troubles might happen. Some minimum standards must be determined to prevent negative trends. Those standards must focus on protecting players from cyberbullying, providing fair play, and preventing cases of doping.

Many issues appear when it comes to the esports community. Firstly, it concerns hate speech, cyberbullying accidents, and especially gender discrimination. It is one of the main and oldest reasons for the meager proportion of women esports players. 

The Esports industry is still growing and requires some steps from the government to determine at least minimum standards for equipment, social behavior, tournament, and matches infrastructure. In addition, the issues of gender equality and cyberbullying are essential for today. It needs to be regulated by the government as soon as possible.