Is CS: GO a well-known game among die-hard gamers?

CS: GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive enlarge upon the squad based first individual shooter gameplay the original CS developed. Two squads compete in many rounds of aim-based game modes with the desire to win many rounds for becoming the match winner. It includes new maps, some characters along with weapons and also introduces enhanced versions of the classic CS maps such as Inferno, Train, etc. New game modes such as Wingman, Arms Race are also introduced.

Get an idea of CS: GO

The competition of CS: GO is purest. A player does not need to have special abilities, like no magic or missiles. He will be having some basic weapons with him. Other than this, it will only be his teammates and him. The aim of the player should be to plant a bomb at any one of the two sites and ensure that any counter terrorist is unable to defuse it before it actually goes off after 40 seconds. But if a player is part of the other side then his objective will be preventing the terrorists from doing it. 

The economic system makes this game unique. CS:GO is known to be a game based on rounds and in the initial round a player will be starting with some money and a basic gun. The money will be just sufficient for a player to buy body armour, grenades or a better gun. He needs to select wisely. If he wins one round, he will be getting additional money for the next round. Simultaneously, he will also get some bonus cash for continuous losses. The system will also add another strategy layer to this game. Sometime it is better if a player buys nothing at all. If you are about to lose one round, you will still have a huge money left for the future rounds as well as it will be increasing your probabilities of winning one round along with turn the pace your way. 

The game’s simple graphics along with clean textures will make it easy to spot the players. It is not similar to Battlefield where a player can hide in some bush and keep on killing people without being noticed. As the first few bullets are accurate with most of the weapons, the connection with a player’s hand movements and what will happen on the screen is known to be extreme. So it will be easy to acquire it but a lifetime for mastering it. Other than a player’s physical skills, it will be pushing his mental capabilities to check. There is a huge of number of various strategies that can be employed. It does not come with any skill limitation and it is possible to become better always. 

Final words

Once a player picks up the basics of CS:GO, he can watch the pro matches. It will help him to improve quickly but are also an excellent entertainment source mostly after you become familiar with the players and the squad. Also learn some clean tricks to make use of n various maps, ways of using grenades as well as some guides on how you can play different roles on a squad.