Knights and EHOME players get banned by Valve for foul play in tournaments – 45 players from China and Southeast Asia suspended

Valve published a list of players banned from China and Southeast Asia for foul play. The post appeared on Sina Weibo. 

Former Knights roster members Lo eGo Binh, Huu AlaCrity Tek Yang, Su Flyby Lei, Chong FelixCiaoBa Wei Lun, and Xiao XCJ Chaojian received a lifetime ban. They were repeatedly accused of rigging matches on Dota Pro Circuit 2023: Season 1. All members of the EHOME lineup also received permanent lockouts. However, Wong mks- Sim An is suspended from tournaments permanently, Pan Night Shuaifang, Salad, and Liu Lwwnb Weiwei for two years, and Li X1aOyU Qian Yu for one year. In addition, former members of LBZS, Dalanjing Gaming, Team Flow, Team Mystique, and other clubs were among the banned players. 

On December 18, 2022, Valve banned ten eSports players for life for giving their accounts to third parties during Dota 2 championships. Among the banned players were Kamil Koma’ Biktimirov and former members of the S9 and MooN teams.