LDLC will retire from the eSports

The parent company of the French team Team LDLC, LDLC Group, has announced that it will cease its operations in eSports. The club will stop its existence, at least under its former tag, at the end of July 2023.

Representatives of LDLC Group also announced the early termination of cooperation with OL Group, the parent company of the soccer club Olympique Lyon. As part of the partnership agreement signed in 2020, Team LDLC was renamed LDLC OL. The reason for the termination of the previous arrangements was poor results on the professional stage.

Team LDLC was founded in 2010. The organization owned rosters in various disciplines, including Counter-Strike, League of Legends, StarCraft II, FIFA, and Fortnite. The CS:GO roster was the champion of the fourth major in shooter history, DreamHack Winter 2014. Past team members have included Vincennes Happy Schopenhauer, Dan apEX Madeskler, Kenny kennyS Schrab, Richard shox Papillon, Nathan NBK Schmitt, and other stars of the French scene.