League of Legends is the most-watched eSports game in 2022

And Dota 2 is the leader in total prize money across all tournaments.

The fact that League of Legends topped the ranking of eSports games in terms of views on streaming services in 2022 reported the staff of the analytical portal Esports Charts. In total, the MOBA game was watched for 615 million hours.

Worlds 2022 on League of Legends was the most-watched tournament of the year, with 141.94 million hours. By comparison, The International 2022 for Dota 2 totaled 67.64 million hours.

Dota 2 was the leader in total prize money among cybersports games in 2022, with $32.3 million. The top three also included two mobile games, PUBG Mobile – $24.3 million and Arena of Valor – $18.6 million.

CS:GO is located on the fourth line in the ranking of games with the highest tournament prize money with an indicator of 15.1 million dollars, and League of Legends was in the ninth position – $7.7 million.

Earlier it became known that the Hearthstone World Championship 2022 was the worst in terms of views in the history of the series.