Media: Blizzard could buy Dota 2 from Valve — companies do not agree on the price

Blizzard Entertainment has been in discussions with Valve to buy the rights to Dota 2. This was reported by, citing Chinese caster Dong DC Kan.

According to the commentator, the deal between Blizzard and Valve did not take place because the companies could not agree on a price. Kang also noted that Blizzard was disrespectful of the negotiation process, with company representatives putting themselves above their partners and, in particular, IceFrog, one of Dota 2’s key game designers.

Additionally, DC praised Valve for their work on Dota 2 and CS:GO. He noted that the company spared no expense on the games and was willing to delegate authority to the original developer. Custer also believes that Valve is not too keen on making money from its projects because it does not take advantage of many of the business opportunities in them.