OG let Topson look for a new team

Former OG main roster Dota 2 midfielder Topias Topson Taavitsainen has received permission from the club’s management to join another team. This was announced on the organization’s Twitter page.


“OG has given Topson permission to look for a new team before the upcoming TI, as he has expressed his desire to return to the competition. We hope to see you in Singapore, Topson!”

Topson left the main OG squad after The International 10 (2021). The cyber athlete went inactive as he wanted to take a break from the competition and spend time with his family, but he has not indicated that he will end his association with the club. In the summer of 2022, Taavitsainen revealed his readiness to return to the professional scene. The player started looking for a team, but at the time of publication, he had not found a new team.