PSG.LGD announced a name change to LGD Gaming

Chinese eSports organization PSG.LGD announced that they will play at the next tournaments on Dota 2 under the old name – LGD Gaming. Information about this appeared in the social networks of the club.

LGD representatives noted that they will also rename the Twitter account. At the same time, the announcement does not specify why the organization decided to change the name.

“In the following games, we will go back to the name LGD Gaming to compete in Dota2 events. Our Twitter account will also be switched to LGDgaming. We would like to thank all our supporters for their love and support. Hope to see you soon!”

For the past five years, LGD Gaming has performed under the tag PSG.LGD. The organization changed its name in 2018 – that’s when the club began a partnership with PSG FC. Whether the agreement between the parties ended, or LGD returned to the old tag for another reason – it is unknown.

In October, LGD Gaming will play at The International 2023 – the main Dota 2 tournament of the year. The championship will be played by 20 teams.