PUBG Mobile: Best attachments for M416 and M762

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile offers a wide assortment of firearms as well as different attachments that can improve them. We talk in insight concerning the best attachments for M416, AKM, and M762.

PUBG Mobile does not just give players an assortment of weapons yet besides numerous attachments that they can use with these weapons. Picking the correct attachments is as basic as picking the correct weapon for a specific situation. The correct attachments make the weapon much increasingly dangerous by decreasing its drawbacks.

Best attachments for M416, and M762 in PUBG Mobile 


M416 is, by a wide margin, one of the most utilized firearms in PUBG Mobile. The firearm is favored by most of the players on account of its low backlash, nice harm, and fire rate. M416 likewise has five attachments spaces, making it an adaptable weapon:

  • Compensator (AR). The firearm as of now has lower withdraw when contrasted with different ARs, yet utilizing a compensator will diminish the level and vertical backlash of the weapon, making it increasingly productive in medium to long-extend battles.
  • Quickdraw Extended Mag (AR). It is the best attachment for ARs. what’s more, expands the magazine limit as well as the reload speed.
  • Halfgrip. Grip relies upon the scope of the battles. Halfgrip decreases pull back and the ideal opportunity for drawback recuperation. Be that as it may, it additionally diminishes weapon security. Halfgrip improves the firearm in mid-go battles. Players can likewise utilize the thumb grip, contingent upon inclination and scope of the battle.
  • Tactical Stock. Strategic Stock lessens force and weapon stun. There is no alternative to this space.


M762 fires a solitary shot, a triple shot, and can run on full-auto mode. In any case, the weapon has a high vertical force which is exceptionally difficult to control with no attachments. It is good with four attachments types. 

Here are the best PUBG Mobile attachments for M762:

  • Compensator (AR). The weapon’s high vertical force can’t be controlled without any problem. By joining the compensator, it will lessen the even and vertical force of the weapon, making it increasingly compelling.
  • Quickdraw Extended Mag (AR). As proposed while discussing the past firearms, the Quickdraw Extended Mag is the most ideal choice for ARs.
  • Halfgrip. Players can utilize both of the grips. Halfgrip decreases the force and expands the backlash recuperation speed. It likewise diminishes the strength of the firearm. The thumb hold would marginally reduce scope time and vertical backlash and make the weapon to some degree increasingly steady.
  • 4x Scope. The players can pick any degree that is accessible to them. In any case, a 4x will be incredible for this weapon in mid-go battles. 

Attachments in PUBG Mobile are fairly a matter of inclination, particularly with regards to extensions and holds. The greater part of the connections referenced above is comparative since the entirety of the above weapons are ARs.