S1mple is the best CS:GO player of the decade

Natus Vincere CS:GO squad sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev was named the best player of the decade according to eSportsmens and tournament operator ESL. The awarding took place during the IEM Rio Major 2022.

Second place in the ranking of the best players was taken by Nicholas Ridtz of Astralis, and on the third line is located Patrick Lindberg of Team Dignitas. Finn karrigan Andersen of FaZe Clan and Gabriel FalleN Toledo of Imperial Esports are also in the top five.

The IEM Rio Major 2022 takes place in Brazil from October 31 to November 13. The championship prize pool is $1.25 million. The schedule and results can be found on Cybersport.ru.

Top CS:GO players of the decade:

  1. Alexander s1mple Kostylev;
  2. Nikolai Ridtz;
  3. Patrick f0rest Lindberg;
  4. Finn karrigan Andersen;
  5. Gabriel FalleN Toledo;
  6. Marcelo coldzera David;
  7. Peter dupreeh Rasmussen;
  8. Olof olofmeister Kaibier;
  9. Jaroslav pashaBiceps Jazombkowski;
  10. Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund;
  11. Lucas gla1ve Rossander;
  12. Nathan NBK Schmitt;
  13. Daniel Zeus Teslenko.