The crossover with the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” has started In PUBG Mobile

On the 11th of May PUBG Mobile released an update to 1.4.0. version. There, besides the crossover of the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong,” they added many other interesting changes. 

The most important event though is “Attack on Titan”. There the players will meet Godzilla on the Erangele. A bit later there will be two more titans added to the mobile game, on the 15th of May Kong will appear at Sanhok, and on the 20th of May, Mega Godzilla will attack Livik. This mode will be available till the 6th of June. They won’t be attacking the players, only if they will be disturbing and disruptive, or will come too close. 

Also, the new weapons were added to the game: “over-the-shoulder shooting” mode, the new map in the “Arena” mode, and the fastest car in PUBG Mobile — Coupe RB.