The most popular match in the history of eSports in Dota 2 was the confrontation between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD on TI10

Early November statistics shared by EsportsCharts. According to their data, the most watched match in the history of eSports on Dota 2 was the grand final of The International 2021, in which Team Spirit and PSG.LGD faced off. The match had 2.7 million viewers at its peak.

In second place was the final match of The International 2019 between OG vs. Team Liquid. Nearly two million viewers at the peak.

Also in the top 3 was Team Secret vs. Team Spirit in the lower net final of The International 2021.

The Grand Final of The International 2022, which featured Tundra Esports and Team Secret, ranked only fourth.

The International 2022 ended on October 30, 2022, with European team Tundra Esports winning. The players took home $8.5 million.