Tips for GTA 5 Gamers

The game is located in a city called Los Santos, where a bewildering number of activities take place. This is rather easy to play a game where you can act your will by participating in different events. 

After spending countless hours in the city of Los Santos in GTA 5, I feel a bit qualified to give you a few tips that I think might come handy if you are a gamer of mediocre gaming skills. 

GTA 5 stands for Grand Theft Auto 5. As the very name suggests, you will have to accumulate money to get along through the course of the game. In plain words, the main objective of this game is to become Mr./Ms. Richie Rich! There are three main characters in this game. They are Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. 

Main characters of GTA 5.

Here are some tips on how you can play it in a better manner: 

  1. Augment Critical Skills. All the characters start with different types and levels of skills. And frankly, all skills aren’t equal. If you want to make the most of all the heists, then I recommend you master in two of the major skills required. They are flying and shooting. Also, if possible, attend the flight school that is located near the airport of Los Santos.
  2. Stock Market Can Get you Filthy Rich! In GTA 5, there are two stock markets— the BAWSAQ and the LCN. The former is much safer to invest in. BAWSAQ is more stable, but the chances of higher returns are limited. If you want to be a bit on the safer side, invest here. If you aren’t thrifty, then LCN is your game. This stock market can take you to the colossal heights or give you a stupendous fall.
  3. Deal with Cops Smartly. What do you do when the cops are after you in GTA5? You try driving off in a vehicle right, perhaps along the main road. Well, a smarter way to deal with the cops is to take shortcuts and drive off in an unpredicted direction. To do this, you will have to own a vehicle with a superb road grip and should be heavy duty. One that does not tip-off on the first block of rock! Another way to go about this is to hop off the vehicle and hide in a place where the cops won’t search.
  4. Bank on Your Special Ability. As we said before, in GTA 5 all three characters have a special skill. If you are Michael, then you can have the ability to slow time and gain an advantage while shooting bullets. If you are franklin, then you can slow the passage of time while you are driving, and if you are Trevor, then you can absorb a load of damage. Use these special skills to your advantage whenever you can get in GTA 5.
  5. CHOP if Your Friend. The canine is a huge time saver when you are up for solving a murder mystery. If Chop is near any of the clues, then he will promptly lead you to in. Without him, you will perhaps have to wander about in haphazard direction. Hence, employ canine when it is time.