Valve refuses to hold The International 10 in Sweden

The Sweden eSports association announced that Valve refused to hold The International 10 in Stockholm. The information was published on the official Twitter of the association.

Sweden association of eSports:

“Updated: we have contacted Valve, who has announced that they will not host The International 10 in Stockholm. More information will be released later.”

On the night of June 21-22, Valve announced that hosting The International in Sweden may not be possible. The company said that they plan to move it to another European country if the local government wouldn’t cooperate with the developers of Dota 2. This was announced on the official website of the game. After that German CyberSport Federation showed its readiness to host the championship. The representatives of Epic Esports Events and WePlay also agreed to hold the tournament in Moscow and Kyiv respectively. The tournament with the prize pool of $40 million was supposed to be held in Avicii Arena on August 5th to 15th.