How can you play Free Fire online? Some Ways to Download and Play the Game

Do you love to play Fire Free? But unfortunately, you are experiencing storage problems and limitations as well. We bring a good solution for Free Fire lovers who are trying to get access to the game. Let’s know how you can play Free Fire without installing it in your device. Follow the instructions to make it possible.

Free Fire is the most favourite and popular game across India. It has been compared to PUBG Mobile multiple times. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this game has a much faster, smooth gameplay, and rapid reaction is important to win the game.

The other famous shooter games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty draw the attention of mobile gamers. But bad about them is that they require approximately 2GB storage space in their devices. Well, it is not affordable for all the players. Hence, this game is a better option for them. Free Fire is a good option because it just eats up 500 MB Storage.

The good thing about Free Fire lies in the fact that it does not have any downloaded setup file to be executed, you can play it online. Hence, it is an interesting opportunity for game lovers to play the game. It also has another benefit that you can play online as a trial and then if you liked it. Get is installed on your mobiles and PCs. In this manner, you can avoid the uninstallation headaches, if you don’t like the game.

Before you give a try to Free Fire, ensure that the internet connection is stable. Pointless to consider, it builds a much better experience of playing the game – Free Fire. 

How you can play Free Fire online without downloading

Here is the way to enjoy Free Fire, without needing to download it:

  1. On your mobile phones, launch Google Play Store. 
  2. Go to the Search tab and search Free Fire.
  3. The first option that will appear in the window, select it. 
  4. When you notice the download option on the current screen, you will notice a ‘Try Now’ option visible on the left side, present right behind the option ‘Install’. Hit on this option to continue the installation process. 

Now, you are all done to give an attempt to the Free Fire game. Well, the game must begin in 10 to 15 seconds. It depends on the internet connection, if it is more stable, you will enjoy the game playing faster and smoother. 

It is how you can make yourself able to run Free Fire and play it several times without having it downloaded on your mobile phones. If in the future, after playing the game, you loved it, and change your mind, you can put it on download. For this, you can make it by tapping on the ‘Install’ option. Place a hit and start your journey in the most exciting gaming world.